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Forum » Michelle Forbes » Battlestar Galactica » What Gina meant to Cain (And what happened after her.)
What Gina meant to Cain
ArkadyDate: Monday, 2010-07-12, 10:37 PM | Message # 1
Group: Michelle Groupie
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We see the former Cain (the one that giggles and makes jokes) at 'Razor'. Sure the war changed everyone but I think in her case, Gina was the biggest event to influence her from that moment on.

When Gina's discovered, Cain learns she made a terrible mistake by trusting someone (and she never will again), she was too much sentimental when the situation was asking for rude ways (which she'll start using from that moment: just remember the brutal interrogation method she allows) and she spent too much time thinking about her private life and playing happy when she didn't have the luxury to have a life. I'm sure that's close enough to her thoughts.

Gina made her the way she is when we meet her: lives don't matter anymore (even less than when she shot Belzen), you have to make clear your point to everyone on the fleet (chief and Helo), get what you need no matter what (Scylla), words aren't useful anymore.

I would like to know what you think about the whole issue but I'm more interested in the following: did she know what was being done to Gina, with details? Which were her feelings about it? I'd think she felt sorry in a human way (the part of her that was still seeing Gina as human) but was also sure that was the right thing to do (not bending to make the enemy more comfortable, getting what they needed out of her -no matter how-, winning the war) and, maybe, even believed she really didn't feel -was a machine- or her feelings didn't matter -she was just a computer program.

BartManDate: Monday, 2010-07-12, 10:46 PM | Message # 2
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Group: Bart-Lord
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To Cain, Gina was nothing more than a machine.

It's the not knowing, that leads to the not caring.

What Gina meant to Cain, was her death. That one time she lowered her defenses to let someone into her mind, killed her. The one thing she was always against.
Cain herself was almost a Cylon, a perfectly oiled machine, driving towards it's goal, never sitting down, always running. That was her absolute strength, to lower the flaws of humanity, to keep them down and act with the natural instinct for survival, survival of the fittest, survival of the strongest gene.
It's the supreme irony that Cain was killed by the imperfection of humanity. Though, it shows that she NEVER in her life, ever had anything to do with emotions. This is why she just could not handle the love for Gina as a person, or the hatred for Gina as a machine.

She knew what was being done to Gina, she wanted it, for her own mind. It showed hatred and evil, and made her realize how "evil" Gina was. She couldn't be soft, once again, that would be disproving the survival of the fittest.

I believe that Cain joined the Fleet as a rough tough fighter bitch, never showed any emotions, and that lead her up to her Admiral status. The one time she showed emotions and love, got her killed.

Forum » Michelle Forbes » Battlestar Galactica » What Gina meant to Cain (And what happened after her.)
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